Mediation Can Help

An exerienced, compassionate mediator brings a neutral, effective voice to a tough situation, helping those involved to find solutions agreeable to all. With such a mediator, people can work together to efficiently solve problems that seem overwhelming when faced alone.

Compassionate, Effective & Cost-Effective Mediation since 1981

Zena Zumeta has been helping people since 1981, making her mediation practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan, one of the oldest in the state. As president of the Mediation Training and Consultation Institute, Zena is also a highly respected mediation trainer. Zena also is a former labor negotiator and continues her work with labor-management cooperation as president of The Collaborative Workplace.

"Zena is a force," says Gretchen Ruff, LLC. "She has a vision for facilitative mediation and with it gives her clients a choice to maintain their dignity while resolving their issues. She is smart, direct and compassionate. I am inspired by her!"

Zena offers a range of mediation services for families, businesses and others, including divorce and custody, post divorce adjustments, contracts, business dissolution and creation, civil and employment mediation.

Visit About Mediation to learn more about the mediation process, as well as what to expect from your mediation with Zena. In today's tough economic climate, you owe it to yourself to look into this cost-effective method of dispute resolution.

Give us a call at (734) 663-1155 to see how we can help. Due to COVID-19, all mediation is online for the foreseeable future.