Employment Conflict Mediation

A wide variety of situations and issues can cause conflict in the workplace. Consider some of the following:

  • Employee-employee conflict
  • Employee-supervisor conflict
  • Manager-manager conflict
  • Departmental conflict
  • Inter-departmental conflict
  • Labor-management conflict
  • Pre- and post-litigation issues

A major step is to decide what response is most appropriate for your conflict. For example, rather than being a mediation issue, maybe it's a management issue instead. Your organization has several options to consider:

Direct Negotiation

Process in which two or more disputants agree to meet and discuss settlement of a dispute. Zena Zumeta can assist your organization with facilitation services for direct negotiation.


Process in which an impartial third party assists with the resolution of disputes. Zena Zumeta can assist your organization with mediation services.


Process in which a neutral third party assists a group of managers or employees to run a meeting or conduct a discussion or process for dispute resolution. Zena Zumeta can assist your organization with facilitation services.

Problem Solving

Zena Zumeta can help your organization develop a problem-solving process for departments or groups.

Dispute Systems

Zena Zumeta can help your organization develop a procedure for resolving disputes within the organization.

Grievance Procedures

Zena Zumeta can help you design a mediation step in your grievance procedure, or mediate a dispute under your grievance procedure.

Other options include


A private, primarily voluntary dispute resolution process in which the parties to a dispute agree in writing to submit the dispute for binding resolution to a neutral third party, chosen pursuant to the agreement of the parties. The parties present proofs and arguments to the neutral third party, and the neutral determines the facts and decrees an outcome. This is often the last step in a grievance procedure.


A formal, public process for dispute resolution, in which the parties, through their attorneys, present their respective cases, and a government-appointed or elected judge and/or jury determines facts, applies the law and renders an outcome to legal causes of action based on adversarial presentations by attorneys for each party.

Zena Zumeta's services can help you organization resolve your disputes before they reach arbitration or litigation. Early resolution of conflicts makes good business sense. Rather than letting your conflicts linger, affecting morale and productivity, find out if mediation is right for your situation. Give us a call at (734) 663-1155 or email info@zenazumetamediation.com