Probate & Estate Mediation

Overview: What is Probate & Estate Mediation

Probate and estate issues can come up any time, but usually do so when someone passes away. This can be an especially trying time for family. And any unwelcome surprises in the deceased's estate can fan hurt feelings, sorely testing long-term relationships of those involved.

Mediation can greatly assist parties in resolving their disputes and preserving these relationships. A neutral mediator will facilitate communication between the parties so that they work together to resolve their disagreements.

By choosing mediation rather than battling it out in court, families can avoid the bitterness and frustration that can accompany emotionally-charged probate issues. Take a look at some of the benefits of mediation below.

Mediation Litigation
Confidentiality Discuss issues in the privacy of your mediator's office; remains confidential. Discuss in public court. All court files become public records.
Who Decides? You Judge
Approach Joint approach focusing on healthy communication and reaching common ground. Better for preserving family relationships. Adversarial process where each party tries to make the other look bad in order to "win." Not a healthy long-term approach.
Cost Cost-effective and far less likely to deplete an estate. More costly with heavy lawyer fees and court costs.
Family Preserves family relationships. Strains family relationships.

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